The Radiation Therapy Unit at NU-MED Center for Diagnostics and Oncology Therapy in Zamość comprises three accelerator laboratories, computer tomography, modelling room and a brachytherapy laboratory. Our center is fitted with indispensable medical devices for teleradiotherapy. The Center is equipped with a computer tomography device manufactured by Siemens that serves for treatment planning, three TrueBeam accelerators manufactured by Varian, full equipment of a modelling room, a system of patient immobilization sets by Kalarity Medical & Equipment as well as VisionRT for gating. TrueBeam accelerators that are in place at our facility are the most cutting-edge devices in their category available on the market. Thanks to an integrated multi-leaf collimator MLC and kV (kiloVolt) imaging system, they render it possible to perform precise procedures. TrueBeam accelerators allow the performance of therapy in various techniques – static, dynamic IMRT and dynamic RapidArc (arc therapy). Imaging in kV technique permits to obtain images of a better quality than in MV technique, which, in turn, translates into a higher precision adjustment to the structures during the validation pf patient positioning.

The computer tomography machine does not differ from diagnostic appliances in terms of its operation mechanism. The tomographs used in radiation therapy are fitted with a slightly wider aperture around the gantry so as to accommodate the patient inside the device during scanning as the patient is held in place by immobilization supports in a therapeutic position. A laser set is also installed in the CT laboratory that help in patient positioning.

The modelling room is a facility where most immobilizations for patients are produced. These feature masks against irradiation within the head and neck area. Masks are produced from a thermoplastic material, heated in a bath with warm water. After being moulded on the patient, the mask sets and thus formed in the shape of the patient it is applied for planning and, subsequently, for further daily irradiation sessions. It is also in the modelling room that individual shields are cast for patients irradiated with electron beams.

A patient immobilization system is a system equipped with supports used for different irradiation sites. The patient is placed on these supports prior to CT for planning purposes in a position that is relatively convenient for the patient, while remaining stable for those who conduct the treatment. This position should be available for reconstruction and reproduced for each patient for each irradiation session in the accelerator.