There is a Radiation Therapy Unit and a Radiation Therapy (Hospital) Ward at NU-MED Center for Diagnostics and Oncology Therapy in Tomaszów Mazowiecki.

The Radiation Therapy Unit comprises three accelerator laboratories, computer tomography laboratory, modelling room and Medical Physics Unit, where patient treatment is planned. Patients awaiting irradiation have waiting rooms at their disposal, where they can prepare a coffee or tea, spend their time watching television or leafing through newspapers. Wi-Fi signal is also available, thus enabling the use of Internet.

PAccelerator laboratories are fitted with equipment of the highest sort – linear accelerators Varian Medical Systems of True Beam made. These devices generate ionizing radiation that destroy neoplastic cells. The preparation of patients for irradiation procedures requires treatment planning and the performance of numerus actions according to a scheduled plan. High class specialists are in charge of the above – radiation therapists, physicists and medical technicians.

A Hospital Ward with 43 beds has been prepared for patients whose health condition requires ongoing medical care. Each room is equipped with wardrobes and cabinets for the individual use of respective patients. Each room is fitted with a refrigerator and bathroom. Patients have at their disposal free-of-charge television and a convenient calling system, enabling to call a nurse if needed.

We have also thought of visitors. There is a spacious recreational room equipped with comfortable furniture at the Hospital Ward, where visitors may stay with patients. Here, they may refresh themselves with hot or cold drinks, converse, read newspapers or watch television.

The center is air-conditioned and ventilated. The building is convenient for people with disabilities and the safety of patients, visitors and employees is ensured by guards and all-around-the-clock monitoring.