Diagnostics of neoplastic diseases is the basis for therapy introduction. Diagnostics may be divided into preliminary and enhanced. Preliminary diagnostics spans such examinations as blood count, fibroscopy, colonoscopy and gastroscopy. Also, diagnostic examinations may be counted among this group, namely, ultrasound, X-ray, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging. Enhanced diagnostics features, e.g., biopsy – the sampling of a tissue section that may contain neoplastic cells. A histopathological examination of a section not only confirms the presence of the disease but also gives the possibility to determine the types of the neoplasm, which, in turn, provides grounds for the decision on what treatment type and methods to select.

Although referral is not a prerequisite for registration at the Oncology Outpatient Clinic, patients attending NU-MED Center for Diagnostics and Oncology Therapy are recommended to submit the results of examinations indicating the necessity to consult an oncologist.

A physician at the outpatient clinic may prescribe further diagnostics such as fine needle biopsy, coarse needle biopsy, computer tomography, PET-CT examination and others.