The Center for Radiation Therapy situated in Elbląg, Centers for Diagnostics and Oncology Therapy in: Zamość, Tomaszów Mazowiecki and Katowice are highly specialized health care centers that belong to NU-MED Group.

We provide cutting-edge treatment to patients – by means of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, brachytherapy. We also have a high quality equipment at our disposal – magnetic resonance imaging machine (MRI), computer tomography (CT) scanner, PET-CT, ultrasound, x-ray.

Our hospitals are adjacent to and coupled with public hospitals with which we closely collaborate. This collaboration ensures patients’ comprehensive oncological treatment. Teams of specialists look after our patients – physicians, medical physicists, medical technicians and nurses. Apart from oncologists, our medical personnel also features internists. Throughout the treatment process, patients receive the support of psychologists and oncology psychologists.

We make an effort to ensure treatment comfort, also in terms of the comfort of stay at our hospitals. Patients’ rooms are well equipped (refrigerator, television, Wi-Fi connection) and maintained in light tones.

Art therapy activities or cosmetic workshops dedicated to patients facilitate a long stay during therapy.
Patients, whose condition makes them eligible for not being hospitalized during therapy, that is, under constant medical surveillance, are accommodated in hotels and hostels free of charge.

We also organize patient transportation from poorly communicated locations or larger cities. Transportation to NU-MED center ensures prompt access and return, regardless of local communication timetables.

Our centers operate under contracts signed with the National Health Fund, which translates into treatment free of charge for the patient.
Medical services are available in our centers also on commercial terms.

Our objective is to ensure the highest standards, effective treatment and attentive care.
Patients from all over Poland are invited!