NU-MED Center for Diagnostics and Oncology Therapy in Katowice maintains highly specialized diagnostic and radiotherapeutic premises. The center meets regional needs, which can be seen in epidemiological statistics.

Our main partner is Kornel Gibiński University Clinical Centre, Medical University of Silesia. This collaboration ensures a comprehensive scope of services for the patient, which means that the patient has the opportunity to take advantage of a full package of oncology treatment benefits at a single facility.

Our center has been incorporated into the so-called hospital network, which, on the one hand, affords operational stability for several years, and, on the other, which is of relevance to the patients, a warranty of free-of-charge treatment reimbursed from public means by the National Health Fund.

At our center, we treat through radiation therapy, which is a method of topical malignant neoplasm treatment by means of ionizing radiation energy. Another method employed at our center is brachytherapy, which is a therapeutic technique in radiation therapy consisting in direct irradiation of neoplastic cells by positioning the source of radiation (the radioactive element) directly inside the disease lesion (inside the tumour) or within its immediate vicinity.