Her work is her passion. She treats each patient with respect and empathy and she requires the same of her team. She regularly raises her qualifications by attending numerous scientific conferences.

She worked with students of the first and second cycle at the Elblag College of Humanities and Economics. She acted in the capacity of student internship curator. She is involved in activities aimed at health promotion. She is involved in the activities of the Professional Association of Nurses and Obstetrical Nurses, for which she was awarded a Bronze Distinction in 2016.

As a private person, she is a mom to two sons. She is an avid reader of Scandinavian detective stories. She loves good movies. For several years now, she has been keen on ice swimming and she has talked many members of the family, friends and co-workers into winter swimming. She is fond of fitness training and walks. Some time ago, she discovered the charms of Greece, where she likes to return along with her husband.