The Oncology Outpatient Clinic provides medical care at all stages of oncology treatment, from the suspicion of a neoplastic disease, through causative treatment as well as after the completion of the therapeutic process. An appointment at the Oncology Outpatient Clinic does not require a referral.. Consultations at the Oncology Outpatient Clinic are available in all NU-MED Group centers.

NU-MED Center in Elbląg
ul. Królewiecka 146
82-300 Elbląg

the following outpatient clinics operate:

  • Oncology Outpatient Clinic in Elbląg
  • Hematology Outpatient Clinic in Elbląg

Please make an appointment at the Oncology or Hematology Outpatient Clinics by phone
55 235 89 53 or by means of a contact form: MAKE AN APPOINTMENT

In addition, NU-MED physicians are available for appointments at external locations:

Oncology Outpatient Clinic in Iława
ul. Gen. Wł. Andersa 3
14-200 Iława
phone 55 235 89 00 (option to call directly from a mobile device)

Oncology Outpatient Clinic in Bartoszyce
John Paul II Memorial County Hospital
kard. Stefana Wyszyńskiego 11
11-200 Bartoszyce
Phone 89 764 95 34 (option to call directly from a mobile device)

The patients may also take advantage of the advice provided by oncology surgeons at two NU-MED outpatient clinics:

Oncology Outpatient Clinic in Ostróda
ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 3C/44 (II floor)
14-100 Ostróda
Phone 55 235 89 53

Oncology Outpatient Clinic in Działdowo
ul. Leśna 1
13-200 Działdowo
Phone 55 235 89 53

Please bear in mind that a referral is required to attend these outpatient clinics..

Agnieszka Tuńska is the Coordinator of Specialist Outpatient Clinics