Chemotherapy is a method of treatment based on either oral or intravenous administration to the patient of a preparation – cytostatic drug. The physician decides on the introduction of this therapeutic method. A patient who contacts the Center for Radiation Therapy and Rehabilitation in Elbląg is appointed a visit at the oncology outpatient clinic. Upon the completion of diagnostic tests, physicians select the treatment method. If the patient is to undergo chemotherapy, he or she is referred to the Oncology Ward of the Integrated Voivodeship Hospital in Elbląg. Depending on the patient’s state and advancement of the disease, the patients may take advantage of the one-day procedures at the one-day therapy ward or they may stay at hospital.

The Integrated Voivodeship Hospital in Elbląg conducts clinical trials and applies drug prescriptions programs at the Oncology Ward.

Chemotherapy may be administered in conjunction with radiation therapy and surgical oncology. This is the so-called combined treatment. Should a patient of the Center for Radiation Therapy and Rehabilitation receive a referral for radiation therapy after a cycle of chemotherapy, he or she returns to the Radiation Therapy Ward in the center in Elbląg.