Center for Radiation Therapy and Rehabilitation in Elbląg comprises: Oncology Outpatient Clinic, Hematology Outpatient Clinic, hospital as well as radiation Therapy Laboratory as well as Medical Physics Laboratory and Modelling Room.

Budynek Centrum Radioterapii w Elblagu
Wejście do Centrum Radioterapii

The hospital has been designed to ensure patients feel comfortable inside. The interiors of the rooms induce relaxation. Spacious rooms are situated on the floors – with double or triple beds – fifty places in total. The patients’ rooms are complete with bathrooms, television set, refrigerator and wardrobes. Free-of-charge WI-FI connection is also available.

Special visitor rooms with kitchenettes, television sets, small library cases have been made available to the patients, where they can comfortably spend time with family and friends.

Pracownia akceleratorow, technicy przy pracy
Technicy elektroradiologii podczas pracy

Radiation therapy procedures are performed with the use of three highly specialist linear accelerators (ionizing radiation accelerators). Physicians who specialize in radiation therapy and oncology as well as internal medicine watch over patients’ safety and so are a qualified nursing personnel, electroradiology technicians and medical physicists.

NU-MED Diagnostic Laboratories operate as part of the center that are equipped with cutting-age devices – a 128-layer computer tomography appliance and a 1.5T magnetic resonance machine. Further information is available at:

Center for Radiation Therapy and Rehabilitation in Elbląg has signed a contract with the National Health Fund.